A disappointment I have concerning the way the church interacts with society (thinking of America, where I am from) is the rhetoric we often use. One of the most unfortunate forms of rhetoric I see is found within the pro-life movement. 

First, may it be known that I do not agree with abortion. 

Now, typically, when someone makes a statement about abortion like I just did, it is followed with something like “I believe all life is sacred.” Such statements, unfortunately, make us Christians stand out as the horrible hypocrites we often are. 

We claim that “all life is sacred,” but we do not live this out. We desperately want to protect the lives of unborn babies/fetuses, but we don’t do nearly enough to support adoption agencies. We fail to adequately help low-income and poverty-stricken communities who are most likely to have abortions. Additionally, many Christians support a murderous and sketchy capital-punishment system. American Christians, are also notorious for being rather war-hawk. Furthermore, we do not care about the vast amounts of animal cruelty carried out by the meat industry. We do not care about the horrendous poaching and threats of extinction to entire animal species like African elephants and tigers. We turn our heads away from deforestation and fossil fuel abuse. And WE STILL DENY THE OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE OF HUMAN-CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING. 

How can we so piously claim that all life is sacred if we refuse to concern ourselves with the care-taking of ALL of God’s creation? Creation is sacred, and we must not abuse or exploit it merely for our own comfort. Perhaps if Christians (including myself) could stop being such hypocrites and start caring about the entire creation of God, then maybe others would be more open to a pro-life stance.